When you ask people what they think about when you mention North Dakota, the answer is all but guaranteed to be: “oil.” North Dakota’s reputation in the 21st century is largely dominated by the oil and natural gas industry. So naturally, if you are a business looking to break into the oil and natural gas industry, North Dakota is an excellent place to start. In today’s blog from our team at Northern Oilfield Services, we talk about why North Dakota is one of the places to be when it comes to oil and natural gas and where some of the best places to set up your oilfield wellhead are.

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The Bakken Shale Formation

Nearly everybody, whether in the oil and natural gas industry or not, has heard of the Bakken Shale Formation. For those who haven’t, the Bakken Shale Formation is responsible for the huge oil boom in North Dakota. The Bakken Shale Formation is an area that is roughly 200,000 square miles that spans North Dakota, Montana, and parts of Canada. Starting in 2006, the formation has drawn people looking for oil and gas investment opportunities. Since then, North Dakota’s oil production has increased exponentially — ultimately leading them to be the second largest oil producer in the U.S. behind only Texas. The Bakken Shale Formation is so rich in oil and natural gas resources that it created a need for North Dakota jobs like never seen before. This, in turn, made it so that North Dakota’s unemployment rate plummeted to an impressive 3.1% which was the lowest unemployment rate in the country at the time.

According to a government source, there is still anywhere between 4.4 to 11.4 billion barrels of undiscovered oil in the Bakken Shale Formation that can still be recovered. That means that there is still plenty of untapped potential for any prospective oilfield service companies looking for a place to start.

When looking for the best places to set up your oilfield wellhead in North Dakota, there is doubt about it that you should look for any region within the expansive Bakken Shale Formation. This is because the hydraulic fracturing process makes it easier than ever before to extract crude oil out of the rock formation. Additionally, the formation still has billions and billions of barrels left of crude oil to be extracted, making it a wise oil and gas investment opportunity.

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