There is no doubt that safety is a big concern in the oil and gas industry. Due to the nature of the job and the equipment, oilfield workers have to remain vigilant while on the job site. They have to remain free of intoxicants and follow all safety procedures because, the reality is, it’s not just your life on the line — it’s the guy’s life standing next to you as well.

Northern Oilfield Services based out of Williston is proud of our safety record. We have over 50,000 man hours without a recordable incident. We invest heavily in safety procedures and ensure our employees follow them. In our mission to help oilfield service companies by supplying the best oilfield rental equipment and best wellhead parts and supplies, we ensure everyone we work with is staying safe.

Above, we briefly touched on some common reasons for oilfield mishaps. Below, we thought we’d address these by offering up oilfield safety tips. Contact us today to learn more!


Always, Always, Always Talk About Safety

Most oilfield companies have at least one safety meeting every week for everyone, and some have more than this. However, in order to remain safe and injury-free, safety needs to be behind everything your oilfield company does, and it needs to be a part of the culture. For example, it can be easy to let someone on the job site who forgot their hard hat for the day. However, this is an obvious violation of safety, and in order to remain safe, everyone must hold each other accountable. Similar to a firing range, everyone should be able to stop the job if they see something they believe is unsafe happening. A “cease fire” of sorts should be called until the situation is addressed. Make safety part of your everyday routine and culture, and your risk of incidences will drop dramatically.

Invest in Training

As mentioned above, one of the top causes of oilfield accidents is the misuse of oilfield equipment. There’s no doubt about it that learning to properly operate equipment is imperative to oilfield safety, especially when you are handling hundreds of pounds of pressure. Preventing explosions and equipment accidents largely comes down to ensuring your oilfield workers know how to properly operate the equipment. In addition, all operators should know the warning signs of impending equipment failure. Sometimes in our rush to produce we allow inexperienced employees to do a particular task that they are just not trained for. This should never occur. Investing in training on your oilfield equipment is important in order to avoid accidents.

Keep the Job Site Clean

Simple things like picking up trash and putting up tools help to eliminate tripping hazards. Installing signs around the job site that directs people, or warns people when cranes and such are in use can go a long way to keeping everyone safe and sound.

Maintain Your Equipment

Without your oilfield equipment to extract, store, and haul oil and natural gas to the refinery, you couldn’t do your job. Yet, in the rush to production, oilfield maintenance can get overlooked. When you partner with Northern Oilfield Services, we can handle the maintenance schedule for your oilfield equipment, taking that worry off your plate. We can come out to your location, perform the maintenance and testing of your equipment, as well as handle all of the compliance paperwork.


Northern Oilfield Services based out of Williston is your oilfield supply company of choice, bringing value to your company with superb service, consummate expertise, and amazing and impeccable professionalism. For our oilfield equipment rentals, we can come to your site for testing, service, and maintenance, or you can bring your equipment to our Williston yard. We offer wellhead parts and service as well for rent or sale, and we even refurbish parts and equipment. We offer crane services, well design, pressure testing, well maintenance, and the best wellhead valves. We aim to shoulder the maintenance portion, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

At Northern Oilfield Services, we value safety, and when you partner with us, you can be assured that we always follow safety protocol and guidelines. Contact us today to get started!