types of oilfield wells

Oil wells are usually marked by oil pump jacks that can dot the entire production area, depending on the size of the field beneath the earth. Most people assume that oil pump jacks are pumping out black oil. But that is not necessarily the case. There are different kinds of oil wells, which we explore in this blog post.

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Oil Wells

Oil wells are what you normally think of when you think of oil. Crude oil is unrefined petroleum products gathered up from the earth that is made from hydrocarbons and other organic materials. It is a fossil fuel that is classified as nonrenewable, which means we use up more crude oil that can be naturally made. Crude oil would be a renewable source if we stopped consuming it. Crude oil takes many years for organic materials to decompose to the point we can refine oil and make gasoline, diesel fuel, and the many products we make out of oil from it.

Crude oil is obtained through drilling and was first discovered and developed during the Industrial Revolution. Now, we obtain most of our energy from crude oil.

Oil and Natural Gas Wells

Most oil wells produce natural gas. Natural gas is a byproduct of the oil making process. Natural gas is a gas that comes out of the crude oil as it undergoes pressure when oil it brought to the surface. If the gas is not captured, it has traditionally been burned off at the oil wellsite. However, this is not very good for the environment, which is why this practice is avoided as much as possible today. Sometimes this natural gas is pumped back into the reservoir for disposal or for repressurizing the crude oil. This natural gas can also be turned into a liquid and then exported. This is a newer technology that is taking this stranded natural gas and turning it into diesel fuel, jet fuel, or synthetic gasoline.

Natural Gas Wells

Some wells only produce natural gas and are known as gas wells. Natural gas is most frequently used to heat homes in the winter, cook food, or power our hot water heaters. Like most oil wells, natural gas wells are begun when a pocket of natural gas is found beneath the earth’s surface. However, relieving the earth of a gas is much different and more difficult than oil in its liquid form.

Natural gas tends to be in rocks beneath earth’s surface, which means you have to break up the rock in order to get the gas out. Furthermore, this is a very delicate process because natural gas can escape and then infect the surrounding water supply, which is not good for humans. Instead, drilling companies sometimes line the hole with materials aimed to keep the natural gas from escaping. Fracking is a popular way to drill for natural gas, which uses fracking fluid to break up the rocks after an electric charge has been set off to help loosen the rock. The natural gas then sits on top of the fracking solution (gas is lighter than liquid), waiting to be captured.


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