offshore oil drilling

In our last blog post, we discussed in detail the different types of wells, which included natural gas wells, oil and natural gas wells, and strictly just oil wells. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different locations of gas wells, namely offshore oil wells.

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Oil wells have two main locations:

  1. Offshore drilling
  2. On land drilling


Offshore drilling are wellbores that are drilled below the seabed in order to extract petroleum reserves. Most of the offshore oil rigs are instantly recognizable as many now are huge structures that house hundreds of workers. There are large oil reserves located beneath the ocean floor that is extracted to help meet the demands of the world’s energy needs. While the main act of drilling offshore is the same as for on shore, there is much more involved due to the nature of water. After all, you can’t extract oil with water flowing into the hole or oil surging up from the continental shelf.

A subsea drilling template is used that is basically a large box that guides the drilling process that then marks the site of the well. Then drill pipes are connected to from a drill string to reach the depth of the earth’s ocean floor. Then these pipes are spun around with a drill bit doing the actual drilling. This can be a long process, taking anywhere from weeks to months to completely drill the hole.

As the borehole moves down into the earth, drilling mud is sent down to the drill bit that provides lubrication and seals the wall of the well to keep the pressure under control. Rock is filtered out and then sent back to the ocean floor as drilling continues. Metal casing is put in to line the borehole and then a packer is sent down to expand and make sure the well is sealed. Many systems are in place, including a blowout prevention system, to control the pressure when drilling. So if petroleum begins to push up the well, the petroleum is pushed into containment systems to prevent pollution.

The next big step in drilling is extraction. Once the drilling is done, it’s time to take the petroleum out of the earth. The important thing with extraction is to control the flow of oil out of the hole. This is done with production casing, which uses a cap to close the well and allow the petroleum to flow in a controlled manner. Explosives are used to crack the casing to allow the oil and natural gas to flow to the surface.

The pressure from the oil is enough to push the petroleum to the surface and then fluids, water, and sometimes steam are sent down when this pressure decreases. Depending on the capabilities of the oil rig, some of the petroleum that is collected is refined a bit on the rig itself. Crude oil is mixed in with natural gas, water, and sediments. Once this is done, oil tankers transport the oil back to the mainland to finish the refinement process, which yields what we use every day, such as gasoline.


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