Ever since Rockefeller made it big with Standard Oil, many people have entered the oil and gas industry hoping to strike it rich — and many have. This is because oil is a commodity, like gold and silver, which basically means oil is the same no matter where you get it from, either the United States or Saudi Arabia. A commodity is also frequently a good that can be made into other, more valuable goods, known as a raw material. In the case of oil, this would be gasoline, plastics, etc. Demand and supply affect the price of oil considerably, as does the futures market, which is how oil and commodities are traded.

Northern Oilfield Services based in Williston is a company that specializes in oilfield equipment rentals, from wellhead equipment and fracking equipment to drilling equipment rentals. We handle all of the maintenance of our oilfield rental equipment, as well as code requirements. Our mission is to help other oilfield service companies by taking the equipment piece off the table. Below, we’ll discuss why you should invest in oilfield companies. Contact us today for all your oilfield equipment rental needs!


  • Demand is always there. Let’s face it, life as we know it today would not be the same without oil and gas. Oil is a raw material for so many products beyond just the gasoline you put in your car, from plastics, waxes, lubricants, asphalt, tires, crayons, lipstick, sports equipment, and nail polish. The price of oil fluctuates as the price of all things do and can be affected by outside interests such as OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Companies), which interestingly was why Standard Oil was forced by the US government to break up. However, the demand for oil is not going down, and with the rise of other major industrial countries, such as China and India, it’s imperative that oil sources still be discovered.
  • Oil is a tangible product. If you choose to invest in oilfield companies or even oilfield service companies, the goods and services they produce are tangible, meaning you can touch it. Other companies goods and services, such as Google, rely on intellectual property, which is anything you can create with your mind, for value. At the end of the day, you can always trade a physical asset. For example, you can trade oil for food. You can’t always trade what comes from your mind, like a book or music, for food. Oilfield service companies, such as Northern Oilfield Service, works with tangible products (oilfield equipment), which is much easier to hold its demand value.
  • Different ways to invest in oil and gas. There are many ways to invest in the oil and gas industry. You can choose to buy stock in an existing oil and gas company, say ExxonMobile for example. You can do this through mutual funds or an exchange traded fund (ETF). Broadly speaking, there are four kinds of oil and gas investments you can choose from: exploration, development, income, and services. Or you can even buy, start, or invest in an oilfield company itself. For example, Northern Oilfield Services was founded two years ago when an oil and gas investment opportunity presented itself to provide an oilfield equipment rental service to other oilfield companies. Bottom line is you can either take a passive role by buying stock in an existing company, or you can take a more active role and invest directly into oilfield companies or oilfield service companies much closer to home.
  • Profit margins can be large. This all depends on how close to the product you are. For instance, if you own an oil and gas well and it produces for many years, you can bet you’ll get a nice return on that investment. If you only own say a small percentage of stock in that same oil well, your return will be split with others. This is just one more reason to consider direct investment in oilfield companies and oilfield service companies. The reason is because the oil and gas market is considered a volatile market and with huge price fluctuations, there is huge opportunity to capitalize on those, which is why the oil futures market is a popular choice for investors. However, with the potential for huge gains comes the potential for huge losses. It is exactly this volatility that can hurt you as well. Northern Oilfield Services recommends buying into a limited partnership or a private company to see the most gains.

Northern Oilfield Services only barely scratched the surface in this article about oil and gas investment opportunities. It’s a huge industry that can be complicated to understand because there as so many moving parts, components, and influences beyond just the supply and demand of oil. Many people shy away from oil and gas investment opportunities for this exact reason.

However, if you choose to invest in oil and gas, especially oilfield service companies, we advise that you look closer to home. There are many oilfield service companies, such as Northern Oilfield Services, who are just starting out and may need a boost of working capital. That’s your opportunity to not only help local businesses thrive, but also your chance to invest your money and perhaps make a nice return at the end. From purchasing mineral rights to an actual well itself, the sky is the limit for oil and gas investment opportunities, and the more creative you are, the more opportunity for high returns.


Northern Oilfield Services, an oilfield service company based out of Williston but offering service throughout the West, including Wyoming and Colorado, offers oilfield equipment rentals, such as wellhead equipment, fracking equipment, and drilling equipment rentals, to oilfield companies. We provide the service and maintenance on all of our oilfield equipment rentals. We ensure all of the oilfield equipment is up-to-date with service requirements so that you can concentrate on doing your job and staying safe. We carry a wide variety of brands to suit your needs, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can acquire it.

Northern Oilfield Services offers exceptional customer service with high-quality products. We are your most trusted wellhead and valve product supplier. We were founded in 2017 with the desire to provide you with the best frack trees, zipper manifolds, and wellheads in the oilfield services business to save you time, money, hassle, and headaches. Whether you need oilfield equipment rental for one job or for dozens, we can help. Contact us today to learn about all of the oilfield service equipment we rent and to get started!