Myths abound about oil and the oil and gas industry that many people believe due to the fact they only have a cursory understanding of the oil and gas industry. In this blog post, we’ll bust some common myths about oil and the oil and gas industry.

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  1. Oil is liquid gold. This is a saying that has been popular ever since oil was discovered and began to bring in the big bucks. While it is true that oil can be as lucrative and as profitable as the gold mining business, this saying has lead to the misconception that oil is actually a liquid. The truth is oil can be a liquid, but it can also be somewhat solid. In fact, it is often locked up in other rocks, which is where hydraulic fracking comes into play. Hydraulic fracking helps to break up the rock that the oil is contained in, then allowing it to flow to the surface during the production phase of oil development. Northern Oilfield Services based in Williston offers fracking rental equipment. Contact us today to learn more.
  2. Green technology can and will replace oil as the main fuel source. This is false — at least for now. There is absolutely no evidence that green technologies of any kind, be it solar, wind, or bio-fuels, will ever replace oil as the primary source of fuel. The reality is that green technologies are expensive and almost impossible to scale, meaning they take up a lot of land and equipment in order to operate. Solar and wind cannot even produce reliable electricity since they both rely on unreliable natural elements, sunshine and wind that come and go as they please. All attempts to even try to replace oil with these green technologies would in effect bankrupt America.
  3. We will run out of oil. The belief that we will run out of oil has been propounded since the early 1900s. And yet oil production has increased, not diminished and oil is constantly being discovered. What these dooms dayers fail to take into account is the ingenuity of humans to constantly innovate and find better methods of locating and extracting oil. What these same naysayers fail to recognize too is history. Oil lamps were fueled by whale oil. When this led to the almost annihilation of whales, oil began to be used. When it was deemed that coal and natural gas were better for electricity, we made the switch. When it becomes economically unviable to extract oil from the earth, you can bet humans will innovate new technology to replace it — as long as we still have economic freedoms.


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