Founded in 2017, Northern Oilfield Services has been committed to delivering quality wellhead equipment and a host of quality services. However, none of it would be possible without the people working hard on your behalf. Keep reading to learn a little more about who’s on our team and how we do what we do.

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Sheldon Van Voast

Say hello to Sheldon Van Voast, Cofounder and CEO of NOS. Sheldon’s a family-man through and through – whether it’s with his 4 kids and 8 grandchildren, or with the NOS crew. His beginnings in the Oilfield sector go waaaay back to 1980, where he scored his first Oilfield job as a scrub hand for Challenger Drilling in North Dakota, followed by a roustabout offshore gig with Transworld Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico (1983). Shortly after in ‘86, Sheldon graduated with a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Montana Tech. Fast-forward to 2017, Sheldon cofounded Northern Oilfield Services LLC, alongside COO, Jimmy Robinson and to this day, he is blown away by the folks at NOS and their incredible ability to problem-solve and “think outside the box.”

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Jimmy Robinson

Jimmy Robinson, Founder and COO of NOS, Jimmy’s humble beginnings in the oilfield industry (over 19 years ago) had him cleaning trucks, painting tools and washing gloves at his fathers company. A big believer in having fun, Jimmy fosters this attitude at NOS and appreciates that “The passion here is amazing all the way down from Ownership to the newest hire. I couldn’t have asked for a better company to be a part of and I am proud that I had a little something to do with how it has turned out.” That’s the kind of COO we all want, isn’t it? When he’s not with his work family, you’ll find him spending time with his lovely wife, Ashley and their two kids, Adrian and Collins.

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Shawn Jacobson

With 28 year years and counting in the Oilfield, nothing gets past Shawn Jacobson, General Manager & QA-QC at NOS. Shawn started off as a floorhand on a workover rig back in the day. Today, he makes sure our operations are smooth, safe and superior. He loves his wife and four kids, BBQ Ribs and the opportunity to help build something exceptional.

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Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith, Safety, HSE, & Training, has 28 years of experience in Oil & Gas. He covers all HSE for company and does weekly training for the community. Expertise in Testing & Inspection, Trainer for OSHA 10, PEC Safeland, ETC.

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Jacob Ehlers

Meet Jacob Ehlers, Sales Director at NOS (and buffalo-wing aficionado at any restaurant)! Counting over 11 years in the Oilfield industry (woot), Jacob started out as a shop technician at FMC and moved up the ranks in his career moving through the ranks to Operations Management at Downing Wellhead, Completions Consulting for XTO Energy before finally joining the team at NOS. According to Jacob, the best thing about working at NOS is the atmosphere and people. “Everyone here works well as a team and most of them have been working together in some way for the majority of our careers. So we all know each other and work like a family.”… We’re not crying, you are! He lives in Williston ND with his wife, Julie and their 3 children, Kennedy, Sophia and Aiden.

Luke B. Lumpkin Profile Image

Luke B. Lumpkin

Once Luke B. Lumpkin, NOS’s Corporate Sales Executive starts his day off with his favorite Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie, nothing can stop him from getting those contracts and building those relationships! He was already managing a 24/7 dispatching team (who remotely monitored and dispatched the operating status of hundreds of pump jacks over cellular transceivers) at his very first gig in the industry over 15 years ago. He’s only been with NOS since May 2022 but he’s definitely made an awesome impact with us. Luke immediately knew he was in the right place on his first day with us when he was welcomed aboard and the corporate team introduced themselves as being a bunch of misfits, Ha!

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Erica Thompson

Erica is the Director Of Inventory Control and Purchase at NOS, and has been in the Oilfield industry for about 12 years. Prior to joining NOS in 2019, Erica started out in sales for fishing and rental services before moving on to Weatherford as AR for Wellhead. In the 6 ½ years that she was at Weatherford, she trained new AR admins and assisted with the dispatchers as well as service technicians. We’re stoked to have Erica be a part of the NOS team and we think she feels the same because, well… she literally said so: “The people! Everyone that I work with is amazing in their own way. Family-oriented and extremely understanding. Always helpful no matter what the issue at hand is.” Erica’s a mom to 5 awesome children (her oldest is 28, youngest is 9) resides in Williston and LOVES coffee.

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Lisa Penner

Meet one of the people in charge of our company’s financial transactions and accounts Lisa, NOS’s Accounting Technician extraordinaire! Bringing with her over 20 years of experience in Oilfield services, Lisa’s entry-point into the industry was as a Service Writer and Accountant for a Heavy-duty Equipment Repair firm Napa Truck Heavy Duty Service Repair. Through the years, Lisa has been lucky to witness and be a part of NOS’s transformation from a 2-Bay-Shop at the sister company to having their own shop – with a great crew! Lisa lives in the Williston area with her wonderful husband, Butch, and enjoys a good steak and lobster!

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Andrea Cattaneo

Who manages the folks who manage the money? It’s none other than Andrea Cattaneo, Accounting Manager at NOS! She’s been in the oilfield “biz” for around 8 years. First at Black Gold Logistics followed by Regency Energy Services and Northern Oilfield Services for the last 6 years – and what a glorious 6 years it has been, Andrea! We asked her what she enjoys about working at NOS and here’s what she had to say… “I truly am enjoying my time with Northern Oilfield Services, the concern for our team growth is appreciated. Your words of encouragement, guidance, and advice kept us sane while chasing deadlines. We just wanted to appreciate you and express how glad we are to work under your leadership.” Hearts are swelling over here, we appreciate you so much! Andrea lives in Richmond with her husband Brian and their 4 year-old daughter, Makenna.

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Susan Jacobs

Susan is our Payroll / Human Resources go-to! Susan came on board in 2019. This is actually her first Oilfield job, and she loved meeting some of the team in Deadwood, SD last year. Susan, the feeling is definitely mutual! When she’s not at work processing our paychecks or new hires and policies, she enjoys spending time with her partner, John, her daughter, London – and on a great day, this involves a deeee-licious lobster tail!

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Lennette Dewberry

Lennette Dewberry, Accounts Payable marked 5 years with NOS and in the Oilfield – we’re honored to be Lennette’s first job in this industry! Lennette loves how everyone at NOS is very helpful and kind (aww, shucks). She and her husband, Brian have 4 children, and just became grandparents for the 4th time as of July this year! Congrats!