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  1. Why Choose to Work With Northern Oilfield Services?

    You may have heard of Northern Oilfield Services before or perhaps even researched what we do here. We are much more than an oilfield supply company, and in today’s blog, we talk about five compelling reasons that you should choose to work with our team at Northern Oilfield Services. Keep reading …Read More

  2. Image of an oil extraction site in Williston

    The Difference Between Oil Formation and Natural Gas Formation

    Oil and natural gas are often lumped together. This is intuitive since it’s called the “oil and gas” industry. But oil and natural gas are different in many ways, including the way they are formed. Northern Oilfield Services in Williston specializes in oilfield equipment rentals, including dri…Read More

  3. US energy independence northern oilfield services williston

    How Far Away is The United States from Energy Independence

    For the vast majority of Americans, most don’t think much about the oil and gas industry. After all, the news is not pounding it down our throats about the lack of these nonrenewable resources or our use of them. We aren’t in any energy crisis like during the 1970s where there were lines a mile …Read More

  4. crayons are made from oilfield products northern oilfield services williston

    The Coolest Everyday Items Made from Oil

    When someone asks you what is made from oil, your immediate thought is probably gasoline. This is understandable since about half of every barrel of oil (a barrel of oil contains 42 gallons) goes towards making gasoline. However, did you know that a lot of products you use everyday are made from oil…Read More

  5. Why You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Oil

    If you love your car, your motorcycle, your plastic bottles, your basketball, your boat, your skis, your luggage, your dishes, your camera, your computer, your crayons, and your clothes, you can thank oil. Hundreds of products that you use and enjoy every day are made from petroleum, which is typica…Read More

  6. The Cons of Working in the Oilfield

    In our last blog post, we discussed the advantages of working in the oilfield, from high pay to an opportunity to travel. But as you probably know, not everything is roses and sunshine when it comes to working in the oilfield. Northern Oilfield Services is an oilfield service company based out of Wi…Read More

  7. The Pros of Working in the Oilfield

    Oilfield work is not for the feign of heart. It requires long hours, working in all kinds of inclement weather, from errant snowstorms to hail and dust storms. It frequently requires travel, staying in hotels, working in the middle of nowhere, and eating fast food for weeks on end. Gas station food …Read More

  8. Where Should You Start Your Wyoming Oilfield Wellhead?

    If you are looking to make your entrance into the oil and natural gas industry, Wyoming is a great place to start. Wyoming ranks 8th in the U.S. for crude oil production, which may not sound like much, but they produced over 75 million barrels of crude oil in 2017 which is about 3 million more barre…Read More

  9. Where Should You Start Your Oilfield Wellhead In North Dakota?

    When you ask people what they think about when you mention North Dakota, the answer is all but guaranteed to be: “oil.” North Dakota’s reputation in the 21st century is largely dominated by the oil and natural gas industry. So naturally, if you are a business looking to break into the oil and …Read More