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  1. How Northern Oilfield Services Can Help You

    At Northern Oilfield Services, we put more than 100 years of combined experience to work for you. We help make your oil and natural gas operation as stress-free and help continue smooth operations. Whether you are a fresh wellhead or oil and gas veterans, you can benefit from the invaluable services…Read More

  2. frac tree

    The Use of Christmas Trees in Oil Production and Fracking

    A big part of drilling for oil is controlling the flow of liquids, whether it’s liquids you are using on the production side, such as fracking fluids or water, or it’s the actual petroleum itself. Oil companies use what are known as Christmas trees, which contain a set of valves, spools, and fit…Read More

  3. offshore oil rig

    Types of Offshore Oil Wells

    While Northern Oilfield Services is based in Williston, ND, we serve most of the western United States, including Wyoming. We specialize in helping oil companies extract oil. We do this by renting and services oilfield equipment, including hydraulic fracking equipment and drilling rental equipment. …Read More

  4. offshore oil drilling

    Locations of Oilfield Wells: Offshore Wells

    In our last blog post, we discussed in detail the different types of wells, which included natural gas wells, oil and natural gas wells, and strictly just oil wells. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different locations of gas wells, namely offshore oil wells. Northern Oilfield Services based o…Read More

  5. types of oilfield wells

    Types of Oilfield Wells

    Oil wells are usually marked by oil pump jacks that can dot the entire production area, depending on the size of the field beneath the earth. Most people assume that oil pump jacks are pumping out black oil. But that is not necessarily the case. There are different kinds of oil wells, which we explo…Read More

  6. What is Directional Drilling?

    Since oil is found in the ground, we have to dig for it. Rarely does it decide to just appear on the surface of the earth for the taking. And dig, or drilling in the case of oil wells, oil companies do — and do quite well — in order to fuel the demand for oil, which, once refined, fuels our cars…Read More

  7. What is an Oilfield Service Company?

    When people think of the oilfield, they probably think of guys in hard hats working on drilling rigs, either on land or in the ocean. They know we get our gasoline from oil (although many people think this is one and the same as well). And they may know a few oil companies such as ExxonMobile and Ch…Read More

  8. Oilfield Equipment: Should You Rent Or Buy?

    Whether you are just starting your first wellhead, or have been in the oil and natural gas business for years, you need top-shelf, reliable oilfield equipment to help you get the job done right. After all, it’s pretty tough to drill for oil and natural gas with just your hands. One question you ha…Read More